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Remote control and operation

IPI establishes and maintains lighting, control and monitoring systems that can be controlled from a computer and a mobile phone.  We carry out projects in the private and public sector - schools, sports fields, streets and parking lots for IPI projects that operate successfully throughout the country.

IPI offers control systems that allow remote control of lighting systems - shutdown * on * dimming * energy efficiency index * inspection and indication of correctness, traffic light systems - change of plans * change parameters * green waves lines and via the Internet * optimization according to experience from the field * integrity .

The systems installed by IPI  Flexible and can be connected to other systems, such as in smart city projects. The systems are all backed by a 24/7 hotline located at the IPI House and the professionals.

תאורת רחוב מצילת חיים | IPI

Ibn Gvirol, Tel Aviv

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