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Advanced parking systems

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IPI Israel Ltd is Israel's leading integrator of traffic systems and was established in 1988. The company focuses on high-quality traffic solutions and specializes in the following areas: accessories for parking garages and parking garage management, traffic detection, traffic light systems, street lighting and charging stations for electric vehicles.

IPI office in Yigal Zur

IPI Head Office

About IPI

The company has over 200 employees, including engineers, technicians, electronics and programmers. The employees are young and enthusiastic and have developed under the leadership of a long-term management team. The company is committed to a conservative management strategy, which has proven to be very safe and successful. This strategy has led to stable and controlled growth over the last 30 years.


We are convinced that we provide our customers with high-quality offers at the highest level and have been ISO-9001 certified since 1997.

Our main knowledge consists of:

  • the bulk of Israeli cities and towns

  • state institutions

  • Clinics and universities

  • Providers of public transport

  • public and private companies from all industries


The company has an active 24 hour alarm center, which communicates and coordinates the large number of employees.

IPI is also the exclusive representative of the world's leading traffic and parking system suppliers in Israel.

IPI owns offices and a 3,000 sqm logistics center, which is strategically located in the heart of Israel on one of the main highways and with access to Ben Gurion International Airport.

IPI has successfully integrated the world's leading traffic and parking systems in Israel for 40 years.

IPI Ramat Aviv Shopping Mall

Tel Aviv Traffic Lights

IPI Ramat Aviv Shopping Mall

Ramat Aviv Shopping Mall

IPI's traffic control room

Control Room, Road 431

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