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Traffic surveys

EPI conducts traffic surveys of various types throughout the country. Traffic surveys are carried out using the latest equipment and the information is processed on the basis of the requirements of the Ministry of Transport. EPI has conducted tens of thousands of surveys and our people have 30 years of experience in the field. Quality, reliability and service are the values according to which we provide services to our many customers in the field and include - engineering firms  Entrepreneurs, municipalities and government ministries. 

Automatic traffic surveys

Automatic equipment installed for extended periods of time (week, month, permanently)

סקרי תנועה אוטומטים
Photographed traffic surveys

Day / night systems that capture the traffic

צומת עזריאלי סקרי תנועה | IPI
IPI has been conducting traffic surveys all over the country for the past 30 years
סקרי תנועה | IPI
Special traffic surveys

Economic, parking lots, license plates, destination find

חניון ליד נתב״ג סקרי תנועה | IPI
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