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Uncompromising quality and design cards

A variety of cards in spectacular designs suitable for different environments like water and terrain. And are also suitable for various uses - single, reusable. The cards are made of durable and environmentally friendly materials and are the result of advanced development and decades of experience in the field.


Ticket orders from your cell phone or website - based on a QR barcode

כרטיסי נייר מבוססי ווב
sweb Wallet
RFID barcode-based paper cards

Disposable paper cards or for limited use for several days

Keytix Light
keytixv Light - כרטיסי נייר
Watch strap

Reusable and water-protected RFID technology.

Keywrist Basic
רצועת שעון
Disposable strap

Based on RFID and barcode technology

Keywrist Light
רצועה חד פעמית
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