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Advanced parking systems

Our Services

IPI Israel Ltd is an Israeli integrator of first-class traffic solutions, founded in 1988. Our company is centered on quality traffic solutions and specializes in the areas: Equipment and management of parking, Traffic studies, Signaling failures, Lighting road and stations for charging electric vehicles.

IPI office in Yigal Zur

IPI Head Office

About IPI

Our company has more than 200 employees including engineers, technicians, electricians, programmers. The IPI staff is young, enthusiastic and prosperous under the direction of a perennial management team. Our company favors a sustainable management strategy that has become highly robust and paying. This strategy has been able to generate a steady and steady growth since the creation of IPI over 30 years ago.


We believe in the importance of providing our customers with an offer of the best quality according to the best criteria, as we have been ISO-9001 certified since 1997.

Our main clients include:

  • The majority of Israeli municipalities

  • Governmental bodies

  • Hospitals & Universities

  • Public transport operators

  • Public & private companies in different sectors


Our company has a 24/24 h active control center that coordinates and communicates with our firm.


IPI is also the exclusive representative of the leader in traffic and parking solutions on the Israeli market.


IPI is the owner of an office and a logistics center of close to 10,000 square meters which is strategically based in the center of Israel along a major highway and adjunct to the Israeli international airport «  Ben-Gurion  ».


IPI integrates with success the best global traffic and parking technologies in the Israeli market for 4 decades.

IPI Ramat Aviv Shopping Mall

Tel Aviv Traffic Lights

IPI Ramat Aviv Shopping Mall

Ramat Aviv Shopping Mall

IPI's traffic control room

Control Room, Road 431

Our Clients
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