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Hundreds of positions for electric vehicles in Israel

EPI has installed charging stations for electric vehicles in many places in the country. We have the right skilled teams to give a professional technical solution tailored to customer requirements. Everything is backed up by an efficient and available service system.

Load control and distribution software

Public charging stations

Public stands installed in open spaces - condominiums, offices and industry. Activated by RFID ID card and mobile phone.  The system can be connected to a remote control and monitoring center.

WB eVolve Smart
Charging stations for the house

We offer a wide range of charging stations for the home with different charging intensities that are suitable for your electrical network and vehicle. The charger communicates with the vehicle, which results in proper charging, which preserves the life of the batteries and allows charging during hours when electricity is cheaper.

Charging stations for parking lots

We have charging stations for installation in the parking lot. Drivers pay at the end for parking and loading in the parking lot automatic vending machine using one card and receive a receipt detailing the payments for parking and loading.

Ampere Gate
DC fast charging positions

time is money. High-power charging stations based on direct current that allow for significantly shorter charging times.

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