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Proven parking solutions

EPI provides efficient and flexible parking solutions tailored to the customer's needs. Decades of experience in the field of parking is available to our customers to find an end-to-end systemic solution, including full responsibility on our part. The solution is characterized and adapted to the customer's unique needs, including accompaniment and implementation.

Manual cash register and discounts

Manual cash register and discount encoder with the ability to produce and read discount cards of various types in large quantities, barcode-based subscription cards, magnetic stripe and RFID. It serves as an effective and powerful management and marketing tool.

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Automatic checkouts

There is a wide range of modular cash registers that perform a very wide range of operations - receiving coins, banknotes and credit cards. Providing an excess of coins and banknotes. Handling discount cards and selling different types of tickets. Addictive ability of parking subscribers in the payment machine.  

Checkpoint and LPR

Many and varied abilities to work as part of a system and / or independently - commanded by central software that receives many indications of its condition at any given moment - removed arm, open arm. You can adjust the opening speed and also control via remote control, proximity cards and more. 

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Issues parking tickets and reads exit cards

Issuer and parking reader with many and varied capabilities - credit cards, smart card, discount cards, subscriptions, barcode, RFID, magnetic stripe, proximity stickers. The system is modular and expandable.

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Management software 

Central management software that allows you to define the contents and operation of the parking lot and its customers in a flexible and dynamic manner. Ability to interface in different and varied configurations for third-party systems - accounting software, presence and more. The software is based on the experience of over ten thousand parking lots in Israel and around the world that operate successfully based on the Parking Logic.

LPR Web Software

Subscriber and guest management software  The parking lot is online. Allows you to regularly manage and update vehicles of various customers in the parking lot. Designed for the management of the parking lot and organizations for the purpose of managing and controlling subscribers and guests. Powerful tool for control and monitoring.

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